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Quick Creation


The easiest way to create Best Bets is to directly add keywords to URLs. This skips the group and display settings, which can be customized later (and are detailed below).

From the "List/Edit URLs" page, enter the desired URL and click on the URL to get the details on that URL. There is a form on the page that allows keywords to be added to that URL. You can define a priority, title, description, and keywords for the URL (as detailed in the list below, under Fully Customized).

The group will be listed as (Create New). This will create a default group and automatically set it to display, instantly using the Best Bet you just created. The created group (default) can then be used to create any number of other keyword-URL associations.

You can go to the "Search Settings" page to customize how the Best Bets are displayed, as detailed below.

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