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Proxy Auto-Config URL

Syntax: the full URL to a proxy auto-config (PAC) script

This specifies the URL to a PAC script. The script is fetched once at the start of a crawl, and then run for each URL crawled, to determine the proxy (or direct fetch) to use for that URL. This setting overrides Proxy.

A proxy auto-config script can be used to dynamically configure the proxy to use on a URL-by-URL basis, instead of using one proxy for all URLs. The script can also return multiple proxies to use; e.g. a primary, and fallback(s) to use if the primary is unreachable. See the website for more information on PAC scripts.

In Windows Control Panel, the Internet OptionsConnections tab → LAN settingsUse automatic configuration script address value is equivalent to the Search Appliance's Proxy Auto-Config URL setting.

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