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Noise List

Syntax: whitespace separated list of noise (stop) words

A list of words to be ignored in queries (if Keep Noise Words is N). If empty the default list will be used, which is:

a about after again ago all almost also always am am an and another any anybody anyhow anyone anything anyway are are as at away back be became because been before being between but by came can cannot come could did do does does doing done down each each else even ever every everyone everything for from front get getting go goes going gone got gotten had has has have have having he her here him his how i if in into is is isn't it just last least left less let like make many may maybe me mine mine more most much my my myself never no none not now of off on one onto or our ourselves out over per put putting same saw see seen shall shall she she should should so some somebody someone something stand such sure take than that the their their them them then there these they this this those through till to too two unless until up upon us us very was was we went were were what what's whatever when where whether which while who who whoever whom whose whose why will will with within without won't would wouldn't yet you your

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