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Syntax: textual name and URL pattern pairs, additional input boxes will appear as you fill the ones provided

The Search Appliance can create searchable sub-categories that will appear in a drop down box on the Search page. Enter the name of the category on the left, and its corresponding URL pattern on the right. URL patterns may contain asterisk (*) to indicate "anything" and question mark (?) to indicate any single character. There may be more than one pattern for each category. Separate multiple patterns with space. The following table provides an example.


Category URL Pattern

Table 3.2: Example Categories

This example would create a category named Demonstrations which would only search the URL and any files under this directory, thereby creating a more concise match to the user's search. The same is true for Manuals. However, the Books category would include pages from both the /a1 and /b3 directories. The user would now have the option to search within just these categories or the entire database. The pattern should not be a single page unless you want a category with just that single page in it (e.g. or would generally be incorrect). It should typically be a prefix for a directory that has multiple pages within it, followed by an asterisk (*).

For best search performance, categories that overlap one another - i.e. contain pages in common - should be listed most-commonly-searched first.

Note: URL Patterns will not be used to determine categories if any Data From Field rules set Category. Please see the Data from Field settings (p.  here) for more details.

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