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Allow site: syntax

Syntax: a Yes/No button

This controls whether to allow the site:host.domain query syntax in a search, to limit results to a single domain.

For example, to search for the words panda bear but only on the site, enable the syntax and use the query:

panda bear

No space may appear before or after the colon, nor in the domain. A site: clause may only be used in conjunction with other results-producing query parameters, e.g. keywords.

A site: clause will override any value in the From this domain box on the Advanced Search form, which uses a separate variable (sq). For profiles that are Meta Search back-ends, if the front-end Meta Search is using Results per Site, all the back-ends should have Allow site: syntax set to Y so that the front-end's value can be passed via the site: syntax.

Note that a site: query requires post-processing, which may reduce query performance. For this reason, Allow Post-Processing must be enabled as well for such queries.

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