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Allow Linear

Syntax: select Yes or No button

Off by default. If on, an all-linear query -one without any indexable "anchor" words- is allowed. A query like "/money #million", where all the terms use unindexable pattern matchers (REX, NPM or XPM) is an example. Such a query requires a linear search of the entire table, and this can be very slow for a table of significant size.

If allinear is off, all queries must have at least one term that can be resolved with the Metamorph index, and a Metamorph index must exist on the field. Under such circumstances, other unindexable terms in the query can generally be resolved quickly, if the "anchor" term limits the linear search to a tiny fraction of the table. The error message "Query would require linear search" may be generated by linear queries if this is off.

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